Delicious, Fun & Healthy Food

Hello, my name is Lina. Welcome to my little corner and thanks for visiting! FreshnCrunchy is my expression of delicious, fun and healthy plant-based food.


I am a certified health coach and a raw/plant-based chef living in Toronto, Canada.  I had my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Matthew Kenney Culinary and Deliciously Raw between 2013-2015.  

I have been cooking all my life.  My late mum, who was a Home Economics teacher,  started training me in the kitchen when I was six years old.  Freshncrunchy originated in the Fall of 2012 as a Sunday afternoon family project.  I made the food, my husband Angel took the photos and our son Austin sampled and critiqued the goodies.  Over the years,  making food has definitely taken on a different meaning for me!  And now, I am sharing this gift.  Please check "Services"  on top of the page for what I can offer you.  If you want better energy and health, practical guide to plant-based eating, let me suggest checking this.  I also make Raw Desserts and Cakes which you can check out here.  Please feel free to connect. 

How It All Began:

These symptoms started as I was turning forty-nine; I call it the hormonal shift: major digestion problems, food sensitivities, chronic fatigue and a myriad of other issues.  I was a little confused since I thought I was healthy and fit.

It took me a while to figure out what was going on as I wasn’t initially getting the right answers from traditional medicine.  I had to search for a better way to heal.

With the help of a naturopath and a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, I have found a new sense of energy and wellness. I'm so thankful for the help that I had received from these two different healing modalities. Consequently, I have been inspired to read as much as I can about holistic health.

And as a result, I found a new passion - creating healthy, satisfying meals - ones that can nourish and sustain the health and well-being of my family and others!  

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